Why we do, what we do.

  1. Overall Goal

    In the previous posts “Border City Marketing (BCM)” had mentioned that they are a new business entering the field. In this scenario, the goal is to create a proper and formal welcoming handshake with the consumer; create brand awareness. The BCM team is overly excited to just running head first into the market but, understand the respectable attributes of running a business.

    With the post, they also mention methods for visitors to sign up for mailing lists. With these lists, they will be able to keep visitors informed of further updates and events hosted by BCM. The start of a sales pipeline.

  2. Writing for an Audience.

    With the choice of words in the previous posts and even this post. We are constantly thinking of whom might be reading? How they will interoperate things? Are they going to be able to understand the terminology used? All these things must be thought out before posting anything online and reaching our target audience effectively.

    We are writing for anyone that may fall into the category of our chosen demographic. We have yet to discover how they may react or how they behave with the content sent out already. Everything is a learning game; a challenge.

    We also at the back of our minds must always think. What if more than people are reading? Hey, Google. How’s your day? – Yes. Companies such a Google, and even WordPress have bots set in place to show how relevant this post might be to our visitor. We must take this into consideration while writing to our audience as well for keyword placement.

    Digital is an exciting world we live in and we should really think before we do.

  3. Creating an Experience

    The overall experience at BCM is to be social able, share ideas. Have fun learning and diving into deep water to get their feet wet. To achieve this, we believe we must jump in with the visitors. This is a purely split 50/50 experience for both the client and company.

    Our experiences are just as valuable as the consumers.


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