Let’s make a statement.

For this task, we have been given we are required to make an introduction post on social media. With that being said we are going to share what we are to put up and why we did what we are to do.


“Today marks the day we officially set off. We’re buckled up for the roller-coaster, ready for launch and determined to make a face to remember when the camera comes around. We got this.
Follow us to keep updated.
[Funny photo of a group of friends about to launch on a roller-coaster]”


“This ride has a lot of seats. Anyone want to join us at the front of the roller-coaster? bordercitymarketing.com” (112/140 Characters Used)


[Funny photo of a group of friends about to launch on a roller-coaster]
T minus 4 seconds to launch. Our hearts are pumping. We are ready.
#Marketing #Advertising #Adventure  #Business

The reasoning as to why we took this route is to express our emotion and excitement for getting ready to launch into this industry. Physiologically, we want to be seen as if we are sociable, energetic and fun. It is all about self-branding right from the start.

We are well aware of the fear and excitement that awaits us, we can’t wait to embrace it.


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