I have a great headline, why am I changing it?

J.C. Penny to close up to 140 stores, offer buyouts

Our goal today is to switch up the J.C. Penny headline and give it some new alterations so it can be potentially reused to lure in a different target market or re-enforce the current target market.

  1. 14% of J.C. Penney closing up, renovations awaits
  2. Millennials are evolving, J.C. Penney is on board
  3. J.C. Penney’s getting a facelift, 3 key reasons why

Knowing my audience.
When this article was read, it appeared on my personal “LinkedIn”. The majority of the feed that I receive is for corporate business or marketing opportunities.

LinkedIn is primarily a professional, online resume/ social media. The reason why this may have come across my feed is due to my personal interests and connections.

JC Penney may be looking for a marketer or re-branding specialist without directly saying so by posting on this medium.  Also, because of the users that most often use Linkedin it is possible they may be a stakeholder invested within the company.  

With all this being said, this all went into place while thinking of the 3 headlines above.

The key message to get across was “JC Penney is not going out of business” and they are looking to revamp their current businesses and how they market.

After getting that message into the mindset we had to think of a CLEAR way to process and communicate the message. It is proven that headlines that split into 2 parts “Header” and a “Sub-Head” tend to receive better results.

In the examples we had provided we were able to do so by taking the key message that states a problem, installs a little bit of curiosity than have a resolve at the end.

With the proven fact of numbers being able to increase click rates, we included them within the headers. With this being a business article revolving around statistics it was fairly easy and flexible to do so. This may not always be the case but, we were in luck.


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