The top secret truth behind “headline” content

As discussed in class another term we had called a headline is “Bait”. The entire concept of the “bait” is to lure in fish but in order to catch the fish we want, we have to use the right bait for our lure/ hook. Essentially, the headline in web content is our “hook” or “elevator pitch” to get the consumer to invest more. Headlines on web content normally are tended to be short as well due to the ease of sharing via social media.

Example headline: “J.C. Penney to close up to 140 stores, offer buyouts

There are many reasons as to why we chose this specific headline but, today we are going to simply break it down into 3 basic core concepts as to why someone may click.

  • It’s short. Concise. Headlines are meant to be short and quick to read. You want to catch the reader off guard in the few second window you have and can be easily shared across my platforms such as social media.

  • This specific headline surprises the consumer in a way that makes them think “What!? WHY?! JC Penney’s closing?!”. Drives the consumer’s curiosity to make them want to learn more about the subject.

  • The use of just a few numbers in a headline physiologically are proven to have higher click through rates.

These are just 3 factors that play into headlines and reasons as to why someone would potentially click the link. So when creating headlines it is always best, to really put some thought into them.


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