Why in the world is JC Penney offering buyouts?

The question continues and fills the mind after seeing the headline “J.C. Penney to close up to 140 stores, offer buyouts”.

When reading headlines we have to also keep in mind that we are addressing the viewers need properly. In this headline here it is driving off of curiosity as to why JC is buying out. The consumer that is reading this message is going to want to be fulfilled and have his/her answers, answered.

After reading the article it has successfully filled the curiosity as to why JC Penney is closing stores.

JC Penney and other retail stores are having issues with in-store marketing. Millennials are not being targeted correctly and going to more modern day retail methods. Millennials don’t like to be told what to buy.

The entire article is created to clarify they are not going out of business but, stepping back for a bit to re-establish a footing in today’s market. It’s targeted to related businesses, stakeholders and consumers.

With this headline, they are effectively reaching their target audiences but, installing fear and curiosity. Overall, very representative of the article


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