5 easy concepts while writing for web

  1. Know you Audience
    In class, we first discussed the importance of “
    writing for our audience”. We feel as though we accomplished this in the first post. If anything, simply just shortened the content.

  2. Organization is KEY
    Second, we discussed 
    organizing information for the consumer so it could be accessed easily for the consumer. We did this by putting the keep message that we are trying to get across in the center of the post with a bit larger text to make it pop. We want our guests to know what we do and can do for them.

  3. Call to Action Placement
    Thirds, we are to write for a purpose. We want the consumers to do something for us. We took this and added a 
    call to action right underneath the list that was adding requesting more details or contact us for more details. If the user is to make it past that portion of the page without being completely not interested we made one last attempt to achieve their email for a newsletter. This newsletter is to get consumers to eventually work their way into actually wanting to business with us.

  4. Keep it Concise
    Keep the text as short as possible: In our newest post we simplified the message and removed the “fluff”. We added terms the consumer may understand more easily. This being the fourth topic discussed in class “
    shortening”. In class we discussed the importance of short text because those reading on a internet platform don’t want to read.

  5. Utilize the “F-Pattern”
    Lastly, when creating content for the internet we have to design our content for reading. This can be portrayed with the use of “F-Pattern” layout and easy for the consumer to scan the content. 

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