A few easy hacks for user clarity

Updated Header
Understanding what works better for headers, we updated the header to potentially gain more members. The header creates a need to better themselves from their competition and a solution “Marketing”. We believe this may bring in more people to potentially work with.  

Organized the Information
Sitting down and taking a better look at the content. The message was unclear as to what we actually do for the consumer unless they put all the pieces together. We made it very clear as to what we do specifically for our audience and could easily be found in the post.

Call to Actions Added
After reviewing the original introduction statement we had come off a bit weak only asking for those who read to sign up for our email newsletter. Also, the first call to action was located at the bottom of the page. It is proven most rarely make it to the bottom of the page. We took this into consideration and added two more ‘call to actions‘ to draw new segments in. We displayed these to actions right below what we do because that is the main the message we are trying to get across.

F-Pattern Take 2
Further research was done about the F-Pattern and studying of how other articles portray the “F-Pattern”. We found that most websites, after 1-2 sentences apply a break. Each sentence is individually designed to hopefully grab the user’s attention while scanning to hopefully get them more involved or interested within our content. This has been applied to our post.

Content Shortening
Sitting back and re-doing the f-pattern there was a consistent amount of “fluff” (Unneeded text) being discovered. This has all been removed to simplify and make the message more concise for the reader.


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