Writing for you is hard.

To explain writing plain language for web, the basic understanding of how your specific audience is grasping your concepts is needed.

Most times when you want a user is to read your content, they have to form the need first. Understanding the consumers need before they even come to you is crucial.

If we are able to identify the need before hand we are able to act on the need in ‘plain language’ and lay it out on the table as easy to find as possible.

We want to make the user think as little as we possibly can.  

This does not simply mean ‘dumb down’ your message.

It’s more understanding how we are to communicate our message to the user in a way they would understand.

We would not want to use a vocabulary that the consumer would not be able to comprehend.  

Overall, the goal for plain language writing is to allow our audience to think as little as possible so we can sell, fulfill a need or achieve our personal need/ want.


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