1. For this post, we chose a carton of eggs with an arrangement of colors and faces drawn on to provide a sense of the tone and style that can be found here at Border City marketing.
  2. We believe the image along with the headline “Easter is coming in fast, are you ready?” can achieve the goal of bringing in new customers or reach existing clients to potentially come back to set up an “Easter Campaign” tailored to their business.
  3. The overall message was tailored in a language as well that our consumer would easily identify or understand; plain language. Simple, concise and to the point. The overall message is supposed to add a sense of scarcity to make the user act fast.
The overall image is beneficial for the following reasons:
  1. It’s relevant to an upcoming event. Businesses around the area should be starting if not already getting ready for Easter.

    Our services could create a potential benefit for the consumer.

  2. Pictures can say a million words on their own. The image is seen to be fun and interesting, which has the potential to lure more potential visitors and read more information on the subject.
  3. Add reputation. On our website, we have a very similar image (different eggs, different face) but, same goal.

    If the consumer is being exposed to the image more than once, they are more willing to be excepting of the content and potentially read more because they recognize the tone and style.

  4. The overall message is more clear for the user.

    With the user being able to understand our overall message they will get to the conclusion they don’t have much time to act on the situation. -> Goal Reached.


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