3 Key factors that differ between Social & Website Content


When writing for social you must consider many factors. Everything must be of utmost interest to the user because you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. A great way to do this is following your target audience and having a direct stream with their interests and what is most relevant to what is trending. Websites are more designed to be relevant to the user’s searches and maximize organic results.


With a social media, it is ‘social’. Different platforms may vary but, most times social media are a conversation piece. When writing for social media we are entering a conversation or creating one. Business websites, on the other hand, are most often not designed to engage socially but, to achieve a single objective.


Social media is not one platform. It is a multitude of platforms and how you act and write on each platform can vary. For example, LinkedIn is known to have a much older audience compared to something like Instagram. How you communicate your message would be entirely up to you market that you are trying to reach. When it comes to your website you can distinctively reach your originally planned demographic because it is now fully controlled by you.

In class, we discussed 4 key concepts that define a brands voice.


  • The character/ persona in the brand’s voice relates to how they communicate with the target audience and their overall personality behind the brand. This can define how the user views the brand.
  • Ex: ‘Enjoy a walk along the beach, drinking a cocktail, checking your feed on the ____ phone.’
    • This message persona is seen to be a casual, relaxing individual. When marketing, and if the target market has a similar personality, they will have a higher chance of engaging with this brand.


  • The tone of the brand’s voice is more linked to the emotion behind the overall message being sent out.
  • Ex: ‘Buy our pens.’
    • The tone is seen to be direct and emotionless. If a brand was to send this out they would not get a very good response from most but, if their target market speaks like this, it could be very effective.


  • Language compared to the brand’s voice relates to how your target audience currently speaks and understands the text.
  • Ex: ‘4ll N3W k3Y804rD 8Y r423R. M4RCh 23.’
    • This example, to most, would not understand right away but, for some companies based on their current market and consumers, it could work very effectively. (Hacker speak/ very techy, geeky)


  • The purpose is the overall goal you want to accomplish with this brand voice on the platform. It could be as simple as selling an item or generating talk.
  • Ex: ‘Women arrested for stealing a neighbor’s dog. http://www.website.com/girl-stole-dog’
    • The overall purpose of the message above is to make someone click or engage with the post.

You’re already on #twitter, turn that into a career. #Advertising & #Marketing (89 characters) http://www.stclaircollege.ca/programs/postsec/advertising/


Reasons and justification why this is an effective post.

  • As discussed in class we must keep things relevant with the consumer.
  • This post would most likely be posted around the time the student would be looking for a program to go into.
  • We used a mac to signify that we are about high-end quality to be provided by the college. Mac is something the school offers and are established as a quality product. That set’s a persona for our brand voice.
  • In class, we stressed the importance of photos and how they can say more than a million words.
  • The copy chosen was designed to target a specific student that may be interested in advertising and marketing digital trade. This was done by including the hashtags ‘#advertising’ & ‘#marketing’.
  • It was also targeted to those searching twitter by using the hashtag ‘#twitter’.
  • The designed tweet was under 100 characters because we discussed in class the shorter the tweet, the more likely the user is to engage in our content and easier it is to be scanned by a user.
  • We included a call to action by including a link to the specific program provided by the program.
  • The link will automatically be converted into a ‘t.co’ link once it is posted and can be monitored via google analytics and twitter for performance


Growing up with digital media in our blood stream is incredibly useful for social media. As a digital native’s, we have the knowledge and a very well established understanding of the web and how it works.

It is important for the digital natives to understand the tactics that work best to reach our target audiences. The use of techniques such as ‘f-pattern’ can benefit the overall performance of our posts.  We must understand we are not writing for ourselves but, the reader.

Errors and mistakes do occur. Keeping business and personal accounts segregate is crucial because it can affect the overall brand or personal life for some. We never want to mix work with personal life.


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