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Banner 1 – 438 x 60 – Core Objective: Brand Awareness


  • Read to be Scanned: With banners, most consumers suffer from ‘banner blindness’. Our goal is to attract their attention in a short amount of time to create a conversation about the brand via social media.
  • 1.5 Second Read Time: In class, we discussed how short slides on a banner are designed to be. We discussed it had to be a much shorter time due to file sizes. Most advertisement agencies tend to put caps on banner sizes for the web.
  • Relevant: Earlier we discussed these advertisements would be found of websites that best fit for our target market. With these adds, we hope to be found on a tech savvy, highly social and have an interest in marketing. If we can reach our desired market, the advertisement will become more effective.

Tone/ Message

  • The advertising program at St. Clair is known for its advanced integration into digital media. With this advertisement, we plan to send a message letting them know too that we are confident not only to teach you social media but, show our brand in action.

Recommended Banner Link

  • This banner is intended to be advertised to a very social media heavy individual. Someone that has a strong interest in advertising as well. The intended link for this would link them to social media, where then the key elements of social take over to further persuade and influence the consumer into signing up for St. Clair’s advertising program.

Banner 2 – 720 x 300 – Core Objective: Program Details


  • Inverted Pyramid: This campaign could easily go into the hard-core facts about how much the program costs, how long it takes to graduate or even how stressful the program can be. The idea behind this campaign is to relate directly to the consumer’s main interests that they are looking to get out of the program and then ease their way into the other details.
  • Graphics: The graphics chosen for this advertisement are very simple and can easily be translated by anyone. An image is a universal plain language for most. They can easily glance and quickly catch the interest to further reach the goal.
  • Keeping it Simple Little clutter to retain the focus and lead the eye to the call to action.

Tone/ Message

  • This campaign message is a much larger image to work with. It gives us a fantastic opportunity to express our creativity through visuals to portray what the consumer can get out of this program. It is designed to show there can be a bit of fun before committing to the program. It allows for a humanized personality to the overall course.

Recommended Banner Link

Banner 3 – 120 x 600 – Core Objective: College Tour


  • Call to Action: A call to action has been added to the banner to allow for consumers think there is a place to click on the advertisement. The entire ad will be clickable but, in class, we discussed that a good banner ad will work better with a clear call to action.
  • A/B Testing:  The call to action on ‘Banner 1’ is different than ‘Banner 3’. We will be able to see if one style of advertisement is more effective than the other. After the data is collected, we can then adjust to improve quality.
  • Clear Message Each image may be different but, the end goal for each message tells the same story and is intended to lead to the same end goal. Explore the college.

Tone/ Message

  • The third banner’s end goal was to get people to sign up for a tour. This tour will show the benefits of the program. This message relies on the sale’s funnel tactic of showing some of the larger benefits before getting into the gritty details. We want to show that there will be an adventure when signing up for St. Clair’s advertising program. There are key benefits such as it being located downtown and course is completely ‘up-to-date’.

Recommended Banner Link

  • This banner intended to bring the consumer to a spot where they can sign-up to a custom designed email list specific to this course. This would require more attention do the consumers’ direct interest and immediate feedback to set up an appointment.

    This banner could also be linked to a VR experience soon to show a personalized walk through of the campus from the comfort of their home. That experience alone is not being used by any other college at the moment and if executed correctly, it could sell. We are the most ‘up-to-date’ courses after all.


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